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Located in Montreal, Canada, Transcontinental Moving and Storage inc. is a team of highly experienced and well trained moving experts. Transcontinental Moving and Storage services cover every aspect of residential and commercial relocations, and they can service local, North America or International destinations.

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[name removed by Sirelo] from the communicated and he was always very prompt in responding. Once I provided the information he submitted the quote. We had some communication to finalize the price. The people who picked the goods from my apartment were very nice and gave utmost care. Good communication. Prompt response Excellent service. Competitive offer.
Moved from Toronto (Canada) to Fairfax (United States)
My experience with Transcontinental Moving and Storage Services Inc. (address: 5010 Thimens Saint-Laurant, Quebec, H4R 282 / phone: 1-855-806-2121) was a nightmare from start to finish. I’ll outline everything in detail but to summarize:

1) Pickup time given at very last minute,
2) Charged exorbitant additional fee based on a fabricated weight,
3) 8-week delivery on a promise of 2-weeks,
4) No pro-active communication to keep me informed during delay,
5) My having to unload the delivery truck myself,
6) Failure to pay for broken belongings.

I was moving from Canada to the US and needed a mover fast. Transcontinental was the only option I could find in such short order. I saw negative reviews, but decided to bite the bullet and give them a shot. This was the mistake of a lifetime as they proved to be the most incompetent and dishonest company (mover or otherwise) I have every dealt with.

When picking up my belongings, their main contact [name removed by Sirelo] couldn’t confirm until the day before what time they’d arrive. As I lived in a condo, I needed to reserve the elevator; it was only blind luck nobody else needed to move in or out that day.

I wasn’t moving a high volume of belongings (1-bedroom condo, practically no furniture) so [name removed by Sirelo], quoted me their lowest cost with a per-pound charge for anything above the target weight. To ensure I had enough funds in my Canadian bank account to cover the cost, I weighed every box using a scale with a 0.1 lb margin of error. I also listed each box and weight in an Excel workbook to ensure accuracy.

While I ended up going over the original target weight, I only had 49 small to medium boxes. As such, if I mistakenly weighed each item but only weighed them too low (versus half too-low / half too-high), that adds 4.9 lb at most. However, [name removed by Sirelo] claimed I had an additional 220 pounds over the weight that I calculated!

As such, [name removed by Sirelo] added an exorbitant charge, something other former customers have stated in negative online reviews. On top of that, they charged me $15 for a cheap sheet of plastic to cover a mattress I moved. It seems this is where they actually make their real money: milking people as much as they can after picking up their belongings (i.e. held hostage).

Initially [name removed by Sirelo] indicated they’d deliver approx. TWO WEEKS after pickup. However, they didn’t actually deliver until nearly EIGHT WEEKS later. You can imagine how costly it can get when belongings you can do without for two weeks are suddenly missing nearly TWO MONTHS!

[name removed by Sirelo] made zero attempts to proactively update me on their progress or provide a delivery date. And he gave me every excuse: there was a delay for another of their US deliveries, their truck broke down, the truck broke down AGAIN, they were turned away at the border because another customer’s documentation was wrong… Worse still, the sole reason I heard these excuses was because I’d call [name removed by Sirelo] in the days leading up to the next ETA, only to find out they were delayed yet again.

This whole time, I had work trips I was forced to push back over and over again waiting for my belongings to arrive. As luck would have it, the week they decided they’d deliver was the same week I had a trip I could no longer reschedule. Even then, they still couldn’t give me an exact date! I had to scramble to find someone to be at my place to take delivery, which is challenge when you’re new in a city you don’t know anyone. Thankfully when Transcontinental confirmed the date, it was the first day after I was to be back.

You’d think that their arrival would be the end of my troubles. Instead, when my belongings arrived, it was in a massive semi-transport that couldn’t get into the complex I lived in. Thankfully my building was the one closest to the street. However, I ended up having to bring in half of my belongings because there was only one mover with the truck!

When you pay for a moving company, it goes without saying you’re paying THEM to move your belongings. For me to have to carry my own belongings from their truck on the street, through a gate that I had to open and close each time we went through, and into my own home, is indicative of the complete joke that is Transcontinental.

Even then, after I unpacked everything, I noticed several of my belongings were damaged in transit. I took pictures and sent them to [name removed by Sirelo] to ensure that I’d be compensated.

Did I ever hear from him again? Of course not. That is the type of company they are!

If you have to move, avoid Transcontinental Moving and Storage at all costs! Even if you have to pay to stay where you are longer or put your belongings in storage until a real moving company is available, do that instead. You’ll end up saving yourself more money than what it will cost you to use these dishonest hustlers.

If I had the time or it was worth the effort, I’d take them to court. Either way, I’m posting this to ensure they don’t swindle any other unsuspecting victims.
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Extremely late delivery
Moved from Toronto (Canada) to Atlanta (United States)
Everything was very fast, the price was exactly what we spoke and [name removed by Sirelo] was very nice! My move was very little but anyway everything was in perfect condition!
Moved from Miami (United States) to Hamilton (Canada)
They were in touch regularly with details without being pushy and the initial price was good. Answered all my questions and even had some good suggestions.
good communicators
final cost was more expensive
Moved from Fort Lauderdale (United States) to Dartmouth East (Canada)

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