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This moving company scores a 4.2 out of 137 reviews on other platforms.

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Out of 1 Sirelo reviews
0% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 4.2 out of 137 reviews on other platforms.
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If I had to sum up our moving experience with Vega Line Moving in one word it would be abysmal. Zero stars out of five!

Vega Line Moving are located at #104 3870 Jacombs Rd. in Richmond B.C. and also seem to use the name Easy Way To Move. They are a totally unprofessional, irresponsible, and disreputable company. DO NOT hire them under any circumstances.

We hired this company assuming we were dealing with Easy Way To Move. In an email they sent us, as well as in their advertising they 100% guaranteed that all furniture would be covered and protected during transit. I could not find too much negative about Easy Way To Move so we hired them for a move from Edmonton to Northern Ontario.

That started what would become a painful experience that has cost my wife and I a great deal financially and emotionally. To receive the dismal service we did, and our treatment afterwards by this company is unspeakable.

Easy Way To Move which we later discovered was in fact Vega Line Moving were to pick our stuff up February 27 between 4 and 8. They did not show up until 0830 the next day.

The truck, that showed up was nearly half full and I did not foresee him getting all our stuff in that truck. At first the driver said he was going to rent a U-Haul to cover us, but that did not happen.
The driver then assured us that he will rearrange and reload his truck and get all our stuff on. Trusting that this guy knew what he was doing turned out to be a huge mistake on my part, and so the loading began. Almost immediately my wife asked about covering the furniture, to which the driver replied, “we cover in truck, we cover in truck”. As it turned out, the only furniture that was covered were both TV’s and the TV stand (which is one of the things missing). None of our dining room or living room furniture was protected in any way! The whole process took over 10 hours!!! During this time, the truck was rearranged and reloaded at least half a dozen times.
In the end, not only were they unable to fit all our stuff, they had to leave several items at our house to be picked up the following day. As we were leaving for Ontario immediately following the pickup, we were put in a position of having to impose on someone else to be there when the driver came back. He did return but left behind two round Rubbermaid barrels of garden things that we were promised would be picked up, and never were.

Our goods did not arrive in Ontario until March 26 a full month after pick up. When we saw the condition of our furniture and other items we were devastated. Our dining room table, all the chairs, living room tables, and an office desk damaged so badly they are unusable. A china cabinet that is a family heirloom and had never moved now has a big gouge in the side. The 100% guarantee of having all furniture covered and protected is an outright lie and is in fact misleading advertising. There were numerous other damages and they lost our TV stand and a good video camera in a road case. It was clear that no care at all was exercised in the moving of our stuff.

We filed a detailed claim with the company on April 03. They stopped communicating with us on April 30, some four months ago. There has been no attempt made to settle our claim, or to locate our lost items. This company has never acknowledged any responsibility for the damages they caused.

My wife and I have suffered a financial hit of over $3000 not to mention the emotional anguish we have endured because of this company. Clearly they don’t give a damn. I am a senior on a pension and cannot afford to pursue legal action so all I have at my disposal is to spread this review and to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission, and the Attorney General of BC citing this company for shady business practices and false advertising.

I cannot state strongly enough, DO NOT hire this company, weather they are calling themselves Vega Line or Easy Way To Move. I do not want anyone else to have to go through what we did at the hands of this company.
Moved from Edmonton (Canada) to Chelmsford (Canada)

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