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About Mackie Moving Systems

At Mackie, they put you the customer as the number one priority! Local, long Distance or around the globe they ensure our staff of highly trained representatives can develop customized solutions to suit your needs and provide you with the most reliable and worry free move possible. Since 1928 they have gone great lengths to ensure customer service and satisfaction is our top priority!

Bloor Street West 933
L1J 5Y7 Oshawa


7803 35 Street SE Unit G, T2C 1V3, Calgary
(587) 880-3000
30 Gurholt Dr., B3B 1J9, Dartmouth
(902) 481-2041
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Out of 1 Sirelo reviews
0% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 6.4 out of 124 reviews on other platforms.
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This is the worst moving company I ever dealt with and I can compare Mackie Group (Mackie Moving Systems) with at least four other companies in Canada and the US. Their crews are most disregarded people and also they are untruth-ers. Their claim coordinator is even worse. Mackie would deliver your stuff (e.g., a washer and a dryer from Home Depot, as in my case) but a week later than initially scheduled. Do you want such a service? Then, go with Mackie. If you want your stuff delivered on time, forget about Mackie. This is certainly not the company you need. When their first crew came, they did not bring my washer/dryer to my house because, as they said, I did not separate washer and dryer from pedestals. I immediately called HD and was told I don't need to do it and that none did it ever. The crew left with my washer and dryer. I separated washer and dryer from their pedestals myself. The second crew came a week later (i.e., two weeks after I bought the washer/dryer) and complained that I was not at home (!) when the 1st crew came a week earlier! If you want to deal with such untruth-ers, you need to call Mackie. The washer/dryer was lifted to the 2nd floor and installed. The wall to which the stairs is attached was totally damaged (through touching it by crew's shoulders, elbows and even by heads (!)). It needs a serious repair before could be painted. All work would cost me at least $1K because the wall is about 6-m long and is the same for two levels. My laundry room needs to be painted also after Mackie. I filed a complaint, sent dozens of photos to HD; HD contacted Mackie, etc. Do you think Mackie apologized and repaired my walls? Its Claim Coordinator wrote, 'The marks on the walls going up the staircase would be very difficult to make when the crew is holding onto the unit and trying to get up the stairs – it would be difficult for the unit to scrap against the wall.' If you are still planning to deal with Mackie, don't be surprised when you will write here a similar review.
Responsiveness, Quality, Punctuality
Moved from Ontario (Canada) to Ontario (Canada)

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